Top gifts for budding artists

Top gifts for budding artists

We all like to indulge in our passions from time to time. From love for all things horticultural to a penchant for the drums, the chances are that we all have a special something we use to escape the rat race; however, our passions and hobbies are rarely cheap.

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The average art student in the UK spends hundreds of pounds annually on subsidized materials, while hobbyists may spend even more. Art remains one of the worst-paid jobs in the UK and across Europe, however, with just £10,000 as an average annual wage.

You may want to show your artistic friend you care with a thoughtful gift, but what items should you choose to help them stretch their artistic muscles?

Art equipment

If you have ever visited a friend’s studio, you will have seen just how all-encompassing art can be. It is not uncommon to find a pal buried under mountains of pens, paint, and cardstock. This equipment is essential, with a creative mind probably saying that it is necessary to add even more.

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Storage can become a huge problem. Purchasing an item such as a canvas brush roll to keep your friend’s paint brushes pristine would be a huge help, or how about an antique plan chest for your artistic chum to squirrel away their paper? Your friend can free up space in their room to relax in and be creative. Artists often use their surroundings as inspiration to draw and there is nothing like the outdoors. Looking through a window in a conservatory or through your garden doors and drawing nature would be an artists dream come true. To make this a possible option can be found at a Double Glazing in Cheltenham company.  Notebooks are also a good item for budding artists to carry to improve their shading techniques. Some like to rest their notebook on inexpensive lap trays so that they can draw in comfort.

The techy gift

More and more artists are embracing the technical side of art. With a laptop and some software, you can recreate the effects of many art mediums. The benefits are obvious. With less equipment comes more space to work. You also only have to maintain one item rather than replenish materials as they run out.

An artist can refine their drawing techniques by using add-on equipment, making this an excellent gift. A drawing tablet and stylus simplifies fine detail work – due to their similarity to a pencil and paper, the artist can control their pencil or brush pressure, pressing harder for a darker effect and relaxing the hand for a lighter stroke. This is the perfect digital artist’s companion.

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