Home decor items that will never go out of style

We all want our interior to look impeccable: neat, cozy, and up-to-date. While we can manage to always keep our house or apartment neat and cozy, it’s not always financially possible to keep it up-to-date. Trends are changing faster than our pockets can keep up, so this is why it is important to hang on to a few staple pieces. There are certain decor pieces that you can style however you like and they will never become obsolete.


Curtains are the first example that springs to mind. They’ve been around for so long that people inadvertently think of them as outdated. Overlayered, overdressed curtains might have gone out of style, but there are many more types of curtains on the market. Curtains, like any other home homeware, adapted to the aesthetic demands of our times. Nowadays, you don’t even need to buy curtains made from fine, expensive materials to add an exquisite touch to your interior. You can find curtains made from materials that look like expensive fabrics but are much more easy-care. But most important of all, curtains are priceless thanks to their functionality. Curtains are effective for controlling the room temperature and also for controlling the flow of natural light in the room. They also help buffer noises. Let’s not forget that they are also easier to clean and replace than other window coverings.


Curtains are the first example that springs to mind. They’ve been around for so long that people inadvertently think of them as outdated. Overlayered, overdressed curtains might have gone out of style, but there are many more types of curtains on the market. Curtains, like any other home homeware, adapted to the aesthetic demands of our times. Nowadays, you don’t even need to buy curtains made from fine, expensive materials to add an exquisite touch to your interior. You can find curtains made from materials that look like expensive fabrics but are much more easy-care. But most important of all, curtains are priceless thanks to their functionality. Curtains are effective for controlling the room temperature and also for controlling the flow of natural light in the room. They also help buffer noises. Let’s not forget that they are also easier to clean and replace than other window coverings.

One decor accessory that is often overlooked is the blanket. You might think about it in practical terms, for example, it keeps you warm, or prevents stains on the couch, or covers an ugly scratch on it. But there is so much more you can do with a blanket especially if it is an authentic Irish blanket knit of merino wool. An Irish blanket can be used to add color accents and texture to any interior. If you want texture but you also want to keep it natural, try Irish wool blankets. They’re not only great companions in the cold season, but they’re also stylish decor options. An Irish blanket with a soft and wavy texture, designed in a dynamic pattern and inviting colors can really make a difference. A blanket needs to be warm and chic, but also breathable, soft, and durable. Irish merino wool is an excellent choice that fits all these criteria. As online shopping becomes a usual way of purchasing you can shop Irish blankets online for the ultimate cozy and aesthetic experience.


Rugs are another staple piece when it comes to interior design. Rugs can certainly change the look of a room. They can either supplement the colors and patterns in the room or add an element of novelty, which brings some excitement to the decor. You can use a rug to liven up a hallway or create continuity between two rooms. You can use softer or more vibrant patterns depending on the effect that you want to achieve. Rugs are great because they are not only very cozy but there are also very versatile in terms of decor. This is why they will never go out of style.

Activities to help the children explore strengths and passions

Children are generally very energetic and enthusiastic. As a parent, you may not always be able to keep up with them. Their excitement and their constant need to explore are most of the time wholesome and impish, but sometimes their playfulness can get them in trouble if it’s not dealt with productively. It is important to let your kids make the best of their energy and curiosity by engaging in educational and stimulating activities. That’s the best way to make sure that your children will grow up healthy, smart, and happy.


Any form of physical exercise brings a lot of health benefits. If exercise is incorporated in your child’s daily routine, you’ll notice great improvements in his or her physical health, but also in mental and emotional wellbeing. Studies show that exercise can help children deal with behavioral disorders and can build up their cognitive skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Sports are a great option for children because they learn very fast. Any kind of sport is beneficial, whether it’s a competitive sport, individual sport, martial arts, or whatever else your child manifests an interest in. All of these can keep your child excited, engaged, and disciplined.


If we’re talking about physical exercise, we should not forget about dancing. It brings pretty much the same health benefits as sports. But not only that, dancing is a great way to let children explore their creativity and help boost it. Movement and rhythm come naturally to kids, so dancing allows them to get their energy out in a fun and exciting way. For some, it’s a culturally significant activity. In Ireland, for example, learning Irish dancing is a regular extracurricular activity in many schools. Irish kids put on their Irish dance shoes like the ones from  https://corrsirishshoes.com/  and learn to memorize and execute those unique steps that the Irish dance is so well known for. Basically, they learn to practice and perseverance while also keeping in touch with their cultural heritage. It seems like a great example to follow for Irish and non-Irish alike!

Board games

Playing board games is a mentally stimulating activity, so it’s a great idea to teach your kid to play at least one kind of board game. Chess, puzzles, roll and move games, secret identity games, cooperative games, numerical board games can help your children develop some very important cognitive skills: critical thinking, problem-solving ability, improved memory capacity, language skills, improved focus, and so much more.


Although it might sound like a cliche, reading can definitely help your child develop cognitively. Reading is the best exercise for a child’s brain because it builds up vocabulary and language skills, develops a child’s imagination, and improves concentration. Besides, stories usually teach morals and life skills, so reading is a great way to give kids a better understanding of the world around them.

Different kinds of hobbies

There are so many different types of activities that your child can engage in. You should always listen to your child and see what he or she manifests an interest in. Childhood is a very malleable period and you should encourage kids to explore their interests and find what they are passionate about, then encourage them to pursue it. After all, developing a hobby, whatever it may be, is pretty much a guarantee that your kid will grow up disciplined, strong-minded, and happy.

Weight Limits and Options for Garage Shelving

Garages are a great place for storing things that you want to keep but don’t need immediate access to. When it comes to shelving, you generally have three main options: free-standing units, units that you can attach to the wall, and units that hang from the ceiling.

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The amount of weight that shelves can hold depends on what sort they are. They can hold anything between 45 kg (wall-mounted) and 450 kg (free-standing) per shelf.

Free-Standing Shelving Units

Although these are very basic and require little to no assembly, they can hold the most weight. They are also inexpensive, and you can get units with wheels (to make them easy to transport).

There are, however, a few downsides to these. They can get in the way, they use up valuable floor space, the area underneath can be hard to clean, and if the legs are uneven/the floor is not level then they have a tendency to wobble.

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Wall-Mounted Shelves

There are plenty of good-quality wall shelf systems available that are capable of holding reasonable amounts of stuff. These include heavy-duty garage shelving such as the Rhino Shelf system.

There are a few basic drawbacks: wire shelves allow things to fall through the gaps, and they don’t tend to be very deep (usually a maximum of 18 inches).

The main advantage is that they do not take up floor-space, meaning you can in theory put them on the walls all around the garage and still have your car/bikes/boats in there too.

If you would like to know more about the various shelving solutions for your garage, why not take a look at the website of an expert in heavy duty garage shelving such as https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/shelving/heavy-duty-shelving/ today?

If yours is a commercial garage environment, it is worth checking the HSE guidelines on storage.

Ceiling Storage

This is a great way to reclaim your garage space and utilise the ceiling in a unique way.

The downsides are that they can be tricky to assemble (often needing two people), require advance planning, and they hold less weight (under 70 kg per joist).

What to Consider When Deciding on Garage Shelves

– What items do you want to store?
– How easily do you need to be able to access them?
– Can you utilise wall/ceiling space and keep floors free?

Essential Apps to Make Christmas Easy

Mobile apps exist for two basic reasons, namely, to help us make the most of our smart devices, and to make modern living easier. This includes celebrating Christmas, an experience that should be joyful, but instead becomes a source of stress that may or may not include murderous thoughts.

Thankfully, tech can change that. It cannot do anything about the sulky in-laws, but it can help manage gift lists, keep track of deliveries, find recipes, and supply a swinging seasonal soundtrack. The following apps have either been designed with the intention of, or can be used for, helping you to have as stress-free a festive season as possible.

Santa’s Bag

Between family, friends, colleagues, and other associates, there are usually all sorts of gifts to buy at Christmas time; so many, that it can be difficult to keep track of it all and to budget accordingly. Santa’s Bag and similar apps are excellent tools for managing your seasonal shopping. You can create an entry for each person, in which you can add a shopping list or gift ideas and set a budget. You also can create shareable lists.


Ordering gifts online is a popular way of avoiding the festive season rush at the shops. The downside, and it is a universal problem, is that keeping track of deliveries has been just about impossible. That was until apps such as Deliveries made it possible to see all your expected parcels in one place. The app provides a countdown to each package’s delivery date, and it lets track the progress on a map. The best Christmas apps offer as much convenience as top-quality online betting on mobile devices does.

Christmas Food

Simply titled Christmas Food, the app is a treasure trove of Yuletide food, including options that cater to special diets. You can find recipes for everything from starters through mains, and on to desserts, drinks, and even party snacks and cater for large crowds. Many celebrity chefs and top food channels and publications have apps that include seasonal sections. They also are reliable sources of a wide range of recipe ideas. You also can use many of them to organize shopping lists.

Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself is one of the best apps you can find for spreading Christmas cheer. With the e-card creating an app, you can upload a photo of yourself and as many as four other people, if you choose, and turn yourself into an elf. You can take it a step further by making the creature do a happy dance for the recipients of your e-card.

Christmas Radio

The aptly-named Christmas Radio app brings together more than 150 different stations dedicated to carols and other seasonal music. You can use the app to choose from stations such as My North Pole Radio, which broadcasts from the North Pole, as well as New Orleans Christmas, Xmas in Frisko, and Christmas Country. You can use it on Wi-Fi and on cellular networks, although the former usually is the more cost-effective option.



Benefits of using a wine cooler

A wine cooler is a must for even the smallest of restaurants or cafés. A cooler is designed to replicate the cool, dark and humid conditions of a wine cellar, ensuring the wine is kept at its best. Some restaurants, or domestic customers, do not have space or capacity for a wine cellar; therefore, a cooler is a great alternative.

When talking about restaurants that offer wine and a beautiful meal you could think about visiting an Italian Restaurant Dublin company to see what they offer and maybe pop to sites such as http://www.toscanarestaurant.ie/.

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Getting the temperature right

If you are serious about serving wine, you will know how important it is for wine to be kept at the right temperature and humidity level to get the best flavor and aroma out of each glass. If wine gets too cold or dries out, it can lose a great deal of its complexity of taste.
Why buy commercial wine coolers? Isn’t a fridge enough? A fridge will do the job of keeping white, rose, sparkling and even some red wines cool; however, wine coolers do a better job of keeping the wine away from light and maintain higher levels of humidity, which the wine needs. As coolers are warmer than fridges, they use less energy.

Wine coolers can double up as drinks fridges for beer, lager, cider, and soft drinks; in addition, they are ideal for storing some foods, especially cheese, thanks to the higher temperature and humidity. It is really worth considering a wine fridge, even if you are concerned about not having enough space.

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Commercial wine coolers for all spaces

If space is an issue and deterring you from investing in one, you can get small coolers that hold 11 bottles and are no bigger than a normal under-counter drinks fridge. Slightly larger under-counter ones can hold between around 25 and 50 bottles. You can also get slimline coolers that are only 30cm wide, which will squeeze into the tightest of spaces.

Far larger, full-height coolers are also available, of course, which can hold around 70-80 standard bottles of wine. If you have space for more than one cooler, you can maintain them at different temperatures to meet the different chilling requirements of different wines; however, if you are limited by space, some chillers have the capacity to chill at two different temperatures in the same cooler. This is useful as some wines will need less chilling than others.

Top gifts for budding artists

We all like to indulge in our passions from time to time. From love for all things horticultural to a penchant for the drums, the chances are that we all have a special something we use to escape the rat race; however, our passions and hobbies are rarely cheap.

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The average art student in the UK spends hundreds of pounds annually on subsidized materials, while hobbyists may spend even more. Art remains one of the worst-paid jobs in the UK and across Europe, however, with just £10,000 as an average annual wage.

You may want to show your artistic friend you care with a thoughtful gift, but what items should you choose to help them stretch their artistic muscles?

Art equipment

If you have ever visited a friend’s studio, you will have seen just how all-encompassing art can be. It is not uncommon to find a pal buried under mountains of pens, paint, and cardstock. This equipment is essential, with a creative mind probably saying that it is necessary to add even more.

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Storage can become a huge problem. Purchasing an item such as a canvas brush roll to keep your friend’s paint brushes pristine would be a huge help, or how about an antique plan chest for your artistic chum to squirrel away their paper? Your friend can free up space in their room to relax in and be creative. Artists often use their surroundings as inspiration to draw and there is nothing like the outdoors. Looking through a window in a conservatory or through your garden doors and drawing nature would be an artists dream come true. To make this a possible option can be found at a Double Glazing in Cheltenham company.  Notebooks are also a good item for budding artists to carry to improve their shading techniques. Some like to rest their notebook on inexpensive lap trays so that they can draw in comfort.

The techy gift

More and more artists are embracing the technical side of art. With a laptop and some software, you can recreate the effects of many art mediums. The benefits are obvious. With less equipment comes more space to work. You also only have to maintain one item rather than replenish materials as they run out.

An artist can refine their drawing techniques by using add-on equipment, making this an excellent gift. A drawing tablet and stylus simplifies fine detail work – due to their similarity to a pencil and paper, the artist can control their pencil or brush pressure, pressing harder for a darker effect and relaxing the hand for a lighter stroke. This is the perfect digital artist’s companion.

Six Reasons To Love The Maxi Dress

There is something universally elegant about a maxi dress. Depending on the style you choose, it is something that really can suit every occasion.

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It’s easy and practical

A maxi gives you space to move without the tight waistband of your favorite jeans. They’re also really easy if you need to use a public bathroom while you’re out and about – you’ll be in and out in no time!

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It’s flattering

Above all, they’re really flattering! There are people who think they’re too short or too tall, too thin or too fat, but everyone can look good in a maxi dress – you just need to find the right style and fabric for your body type.

If you like bold colours, the AX Paris red maxi dress was designed with you in mind!

There are no seasonal restrictions

They’re ideal for all seasons – cool in the summer and warm in the winter – especially if you wear leggings or tights underneath. If you prefer to have bare legs, no one will know either way.

It’s versatile

They really are a wear-anywhere garment. Dress up a neutral-colored dress with some bold accessories, or choose something a little more subdued if your dress has more to say on its own. On the other hand, you can dress down your maxi dress with a pair of lace-up canvas shoes. Wear it to the supermarket or a wedding!

Hurry up!

We’re all busy people, so having a “grab and go” wardrobe staple is a definite asset. When you can’t decide what to wear, you’ll know there is something you can instantly pull over your head to look amazing and ready for anything.

There’s something for everyone

Whatever your size or shape, there is something for you as long as you know how to accentuate your good points and play down the bits you’re not so keen on. Choose a fitted waist to draw attention to that area, which can be an asset whatever your size. If you are conscious about a big bust, avoid a strapless dress. Wide straps can always hide bra straps.

For more reasons to love a gorgeous red maxi dress and other summer dresses, see https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/what-to-wear/news/g30493/summer-dresses/.

Your dress can be a wonderful way to express your personality, and that might change with your mood, too.


The most expensive jeans in the world

Jeans have a very humble origin, starting out as trousers worn by laborers and workers. It didn’t take long for them to become subject to the whims of fashion and trends, becoming more ornamental even as early as 1935, when people began practicing the distressing of their jeans to make them look more fashionable. Jeans have never lost their appeal and remain as popular as ever. It should also come as no surprise that some of these jeans are becoming increasingly expensive. Here are some of the priciest jeans in the world:

APO Jeans

At $4000 a pair, you’d be expecting something a little bit special. Many of APO’s jeans do indeed sell for a whopping $4000 per pair because they are customized to suit the individual customer’s requirements. However, that’s not all you’re paying for as APO Jeans like to include some pretty expensive material when they make their jeans. They use the finest denim, make the pockets from silk and the rivets can be made from gold, platinum or silver! You even choose a diamond for the button. The jeans come with a certificate of authenticity to prove the use of such precious materials.

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Escada Custom Made Jeans

Like the jeans from APO, Escada jeans offer a custom-made service at a cost of around $10,000 for top-end customization. If a customer wants a personalized embroidered pattern, they can have whatever they like as long as they are prepared to pay for it. Whilst there are different price ranges to suit a variety of budgets, Escada jeans make this list because they once completed an order for jeans encrusted with Swarovski crystals that cost $10,000. Don’t worry though, as you can get your hands on an exquisite pair of designer jeans for a lot less than these. Check out the Mens Farah Jeans at https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/jeans


What started life as a pair of trousers designed for a laborer, Levi Strauss & Co. are seen as the father of the jean’s phenomenon. For that reason, they can command huge price tags because of the history attached to them. For example, jeans from the 19th century are sold for large amounts at auctions. Original Levi Jeans that have stood the test of time can fetch up to $60,000.

Dussault Apparel

The Trashed Denim jeans from this brand can set you back a cool quarter of a million dollars. Each pair of their jeans has been washed no less than 13 times before even more processing to give them that iconic distressed appearance. The treatment doesn’t stop there, however, as each pair is then decorated with one diamond and two rubies and detailing in white and rose gold. It’s not the denim you’re paying for but the precious metal and gems!

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Secret Circus

A pair of these jeans smashes the one million mark at $1.3 million and are available in a range of patterns. Each pair has a pattern sewn into the rear pockets using a number of top-quality diamonds. They look good, yes but whether they are worth the hefty price tag is a matter of opinion.


Wedding Dress Code for Guests: How to Interpret It

It seems a long time ago now since wedding guests were asked simply to come in their best “smart casual” outfits and you could make do with your favorite posh frock and a little hat or fascinator in your hair.

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Nowadays, couples will theme their big day, and the dress code for wedding guests is changing accordingly. You might look for trends in the photos of vintage, rustic and beach weddings. A Wedding Venue has seen almost every theme that there is going and is in some instances even able to help with some of the arrangements.

Whatever the wedding style and location, though, you can be sure that there will be a theme of some description for you to factor in when you attend the Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue.

Traditional Country House

Go for pretty blush pinks and flattering A-line dresses with feature prints of festoons of flowers. Keeping the styles short and flirty but with delicate embroidery for the added class is a must for a summery wedding feel.

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Wedding by the Sea

There’s only one key detail for that upcoming beach wedding – crochet. Be it in soft china-blue patterns, bright reds or lemon yellows, you will find something fashionable enough for being beside the sea. If you really want to get noticed on the sand, perhaps try a bold dress color and match this with an impressive headpiece.

Rustic Outdoor Soiree

For that country retreat or rustic wedding, think subtlety and femininity: classic shapes in soft shades or with flower-spray prints if you really want to look at home in the cottage garden. Alternatively, for something a bit more unusual, choose a trendy culotte jumpsuit.

Vintage/Retro Glamour

If you have a vintage wedding theme to work with, much will depend on the era selected by the wedding couple. You can find plenty of ideas for vintage style, from Old Hollywood and Art Deco to 1950s diner chic. Either think big Grease-style skirts in vibrant shades for fifties glam or try a shoulder-revealing sixties style. Lace makes for a perfect vintage look and can be found in a variety of different colors and patterns.

Opulent City Wedding

For an upscale city wedding, pick a demure ankle-skimming dress and add an understated corsage or sophisticated lace posy for cool city style. If you’re looking for something a bit different to a dress, try coordinating a flowing skirt with a form fitted top.

How to Lay Out Your Shop Floor in Easy Steps

Carefully considering your store layout can increase revenue by boosting efficiency, organization and strategically directing your customers towards higher-priority products.

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These seven tips will help you to create a shop floor to increase sales and enhance customers’ experience.

1. Choose a Floor Plan

Most retail stores use one of three store layouts: a grid layout (commonly used by grocery stores); a loop layout, which maximizes wall space and leads customers along a path; and free-flow plans, which are often seen in upscale stores. Choice of layout can depend on the shape and size of your store, the products you sell and your target customers.

2. Create a Blueprint

Before implementing your store layout, creating a blueprint allows you to get a clearer picture and identify potential problems. You may be able to work from an existing blueprint or draw your own schematic using grid paper or online tool. Sketching out different floor plans will help you establish what works best for your space.

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3. Consider Traffic Flow

It is important to keep traffic flow in mind when arranging your store’s aisles, paths, and displays. Having a ‘decompression zone’ is important in creating a transition space for customers entering the store, whilst personal space is also essential to avoid crowding.

4. Choosing a Checkout Area

According to DeAnna Radaj, an expert in retail feng shui, the front left is a good position for the checkout, due to customers usually turning right when entering stores before completing a loop. Therefore, the front left is on customers’ natural exit path.

5. Product Mapping

Product mapping refers to the process of deciding where to feature all of your products. It is important to ensure the most suitable fixtures are chosen, whilst flexibility in display areas is crucial for accommodating seasonal products.

6. Accessories and Amenities

Adding the finishing touches to your store is essential for creating an enjoyable customer experience, such as seating areas and dressing rooms. Retail signage is also a decorative and practical addition, such as retail signage from Mood Media, which includes digital retail signage and promotion boards.

7. Fixtures and Displays

After choosing your store layout and product mapping, it is important to consider your permanent fixtures, such as lighting, shelving, and counters, as well as movable displays, including gondolas, modular units and clothing racks.