3 cute and fancy outfits for winter 2022-2023

Winter is almost here and for many of us, it is the least fashionable season of them all. It is really hard to dress up in cute outfits when the only thing that you’re thinking about is how to survive the inhumane cold weather and winds. You’ve probably already browsed hundreds of blogs and #winteroutfit to find inspiration, but it seems like all these people live in some sort of utopian world where they can wear mini-skirts with bare legs or thin sweaters with a leather jackets in the middle of December. If you want to spice up your wardrobe without compromising your comfort and warmth, we’ve selected three cute and fancy outfits that you can wear this winter.

Outfit 1: Early winter chic

Winter is generally known as the season of woolen sweaters, oversized hoodies, and puffer jackets and although all these things are perfect for the cold weather, sometimes it is difficult to feel elegant and feminine when you’re looking like a giant dumpling walking down the street. This is why we should take advantage of the warmer early December and late February days and dress as cute and fancy as we can. Start your outfit by wearing a cotton button-up shirt and pairing it with a colorful sweater vest to create a preppy look. For the bottoms, you can wear a pair of jeans if you want to keep it simple or you could get yourself some fleece-lined tights that are all over Instagram and combine them with a mini skirt for an outfit that will be both warm and put together. Some golden bracelets and a long necklace will make the perfect accessories, while a pair of knee-length leather boots will gracefully complete the outfit.

Outfit 2: Cozy knitwear

Knitwear is undeniably an absolute must in anyone’s winter wardrobe for both practical and aesthetic reasons. We obviously can’t ignore sweaters, as they are often the go-to choice for an easy and warm winter outfit, but other more original pieces such as cardigans should also be taken into consideration. An Irish cardigan made entirely of wool, for example, the ones on Keilys, can make a nice addition to your already existing favorite outfit as well as a centerpiece of another attire that you put together. For the coldest winter days, start by wearing some thermal base layer leggings and a long sleeve top underneath a fit turtleneck sweater. Pair it with some black trousers and the Irish cardigan to ensure a cozy outfit that will protect you from any harsh winds. You can dress it up with some massive accessories and a classic black leather belt or you can simply throw a coat over it and call it a day.

Outfit 3: Colorful Christmas Eve

Christmas is the most important as well as the most beloved winter holiday and it is also a wonderful occasion to dress up in clothes that you normally wouldn’t wear. Our advice is to go as colorful as possible and play around with different accessories and shoes. A knit red dress is already a classic for Christmas Eve, but we suggest getting one made of finer, more luxurious fibers, for example, silk. Pair it with some black heels and an elegant clutch bag and you have a colorful and comfortable outfit for the night. Emerald green is another popular color for this holiday season and an off-shoulder satin dress will surely make you the highlight of the night. However, if you’re not a big fan of dresses and would like to wear something more casual or if this year you’re celebrating Christmas somewhere where it would be impractical to dress up, a brightly colored sweater paired with some jeans or trousers make a perfectly good holiday look.