Thoughtful Christening Gift Ideas for Your Godchild

For many of us, becoming a godparent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it is a great honor to be trusted with such an important role. Apart from taking care of the baby and being a helper for their parents at all times, being a godparent also means gifting your godchild memorable presents, especially on their Christening day. If it is your first time in this position and you don’t know anything about what would make a useful and appropriate gift for such an event, you are sure to find something to your liking in this article.


Since the Victorian era, it has been common for godparents to present silver things, like coins, christening cups, or rosary jewelry, to the freshly christened baby. Back then, giving such a gift was an investment that insured the child would always have some money to their name, despite any hardships. Silver keepsakes are still given as Christening presents in many cultures today, and since it is so much more affordable than other precious metals, they make the ideal present for a godchild. Traditional gifts like a rosary chain or an engraved silver spoon are wonderful options that will be cherished for a very long time, while modern gift suggestions include silver picture frames, piggy banks, and even bubble blowers.

Aran blanket

Blankets make another traditional present for your godchild and the Irish blankets are definitely the best ones you can find on the market. What makes them stand apart from all the other throws is the super soft and cozy Merino wool that they are made of that provides great temperature insulation, is breathable, and will cause the baby to neither overheat nor freeze. You can find Aran blankets made of luxurious merino wool, as well as many other Irish Christening gifts on Moreover, such a present will not only keep the baby warm but is also a meaningful way of giving the godchild a blessing. Aran blankets feature traditional knit patterns like the basket, rope, or diamond stitches that symbolize a wish for good fortune and wealth.

Growth chart

One thing about newborns that completely astounds me is how quickly they grow up. It seems like yesterday you helped your pregnant friend set up the crib, and now the baby is smiling widely and staring at you with silly faces. A growth chart is a Christening present that will help the parent keep track of the baby’s growth and height as they get bigger. The best part about it is that it is customizable, for example, you can personalize it with the baby’s name, date of birth, their first photo, and even a cute message or a blessing.  Such a meaningful present will also symbolize the baby’s life journey and as well as the fact that you as a godparent will always be there for them.

What to buy for your traveler friends

All of us probably have that friend who can’t stop traveling. Whether they’re a backpacker, a luxury traveler, or anything in between, these people are usually very extroverted and inspiring. But what happens when you need to buy a present for them and you’re stuck? We’ve got you. In this article, we are tackling a gift guide for travelers. It’s important to know some of their favorite destinations and their future trips for this to work out, so if you haven’t talked to that traveler buddy in a long time, it’s time for a catch-up. Get reading and get ready to make your friend happy.

Practical gifts

If you’ve traveled a couple of times in your life you know some of the biggest struggles that this comes with. Packing, forgetting important things, being unprepared, or just not knowing what to do in some situations. For all of these problems, there are many items that come with the solutions. The perfect presents for travelers are practical bits and pieces that would make traveling easier or more stress-free. For example, you can find a backpack that fits the flight company’s Carry-on dimensions, so your friend doesn’t have to worry about their bag being too big. You can find some tiny accessories that come in handy when traveling such as compact umbrellas, an external battery charger, a passport holder, or any other gadgets that solve small problems. These would help your friend travel in a more comfortable way and they will always think of you when using those items in their trip.

Cultural pieces

If you think about it, people travel for the memories, for the stories that come with traveling, and for the good times. If you put all of these things together, you can come up with some unique personalized gifts that would make that person remember their trips even when they’re home. For example, if you know their favorite destination, you can get them some cultural presents from there so that they can incorporate them into their home life. Let’s say your friend has been to Scotland and they absolutely loved it there. Find some Scottish gifts that can be used around the house, this way, whenever they have a cup of coffee, or they pass by an art piece you got, they’ll remember their trip and think of you with joy. You can also go for something collectible such as flag patches from their previous trips, pins, or stickers.

Their next flight ticket

Last but not least, a traveler’s biggest joy is planning their next trip. The easiest, but not cheapest, way to surprise your friend is by getting their next flight ticket. You can buy one just for them or you can gather your friend group and plan a trip together so that you can all enjoy this present. Make sure you organize this as a group presentation, as it can be more expensive than our other suggestions. You can take it a step forward and go on TripAdvisor for some itinerary suggestions as well.