The popularity of cosmetic surgery and abdominoplasty

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more commonplace and for this reason, many procedures are becoming more readily available with costs also being driven down; for example, Botox is highly common for both men and women and can reduce or even remove lines on the face. Another area of the great increase in cosmetic surgery is abdominoplasty.

The south of the country sees more cosmetic surgery carried out that the north due to the greater wealth of London and the surrounding areas. According to the Guardian, cosmetic surgery could even be the new ‘acceptable face of womanhood’, although an increasing number of men are also undergoing procedures in an attempt to restore their looks and improve their confidence.

Why choose abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty in Essex is available through a number of highly-qualified surgeons who can reform your stomach area and turn back the clock. This procedure is ideal for people whose skin has become looser on the abdominals, such as after pregnancy, and who want to return to their earlier shape.

Abdominoplasty is also perfect for people who have lost a large amount of weight. Sometimes after weight loss, there is some loose skin left that no amount of exercise will be able to reduce; this skin needs to be surgically removed. Cosmetic surgery can remove this unsightly skin, leaving only a light scar that will fade significantly over time. Your surgeon will try to hide the scar in the natural folds of the skin to disguise it, and after a year it will fade to a fine white line.

Information on abdominoplasty

Refresh Cosmetic Surgery are experts in abdominoplasty, (more commonly known as a tummy tuck). By choosing to have this cosmetic procedure you will be able to regain your old confidence. Before undergoing any procedure it is, of course, important to read all about what actually happens during a tummy tuck operation so that you know exactly what to expect. Information guides, such as this informative article by the NHS make researching your procedure much easier.

Some of the issues to consider are where you will have your cosmetic procedure, who will perform it and what the outcome will be. Always discuss the likely results with your surgeon and look at before and after photos of previous patients.