Three Disasters Proper Software Testing Can Avert

Three Disasters Proper Software Testing Can Avert


Software testing services are immensely valuable to all developers of software, including apps for smartphones and tablets. It helps you to ensure your software is polished, as bug-free as possible and truly ready for release before it reaches the hands and hard drives of discerning consumers.

Releasing poorly finished software to the public can be a disaster and result in even big releases being withdrawn from sale. These dangers work on several levels, but a number of disasters can be averted by simply making sure you subject your software to thorough software testing.

The Instant Uninstall

If people install software and find that it is excessively buggy, perhaps even unworkable, then they’ll just uninstall it right away. If you’re selling the software, they might even demand their money back. If it’s ad-funded free software, the results are even worse. Each customer who abandons your software will mean lost revenue, whether they are the sort of person who would have bothered asking for their money back or not. Proper software testing ensures the software works properly and is not held back in usability terms by bugs and glitches, leaving them free to keep it installed, keep using it and hopefully tell others to download it too.

Bad Reviews

Dissatisfied customers may do more than just uninstall your product if they find it is buggy. They might leave bad reviews on app stores, software repositories, e-commerce outlets, or independent sites. This is a big problem. When new customers consider your software package, they will quite likely look at these reviews to find out if it is worthwhile or not, so if what they see is negative this can be very off-putting. Even if you tidy up all the bugs, those reviews will remain, and this can make it hard to turn things around. That’s why it’s important to seek out someone such as a Bugfinders specialist software tester before you release your app to the public.

Reputation Damage

People’s own bad experiences and the impact of negative reviews can spread well beyond an individual software package. If you want to create other pieces of software (and you quite likely will), people may recognize your business’s name or logo and associate it with the bad experience they had before. This can put them off even trying other products you create.

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