Your offline business needs a website for these five reasons

Your offline business needs a website for these five reasons


The internet has become progressively integrated with our daily lives over the last 25 years, with the development of affordable smartphones and increasingly positive mobile browsing experiences ensuring the number of internet users is only going to increase.

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Over 30 per cent of all small- and medium-sized businesses are operating without a website, with around one in five doing so deliberately because they simply are not familiar with the plethora of opportunities the digital sphere provides. This is a great way to share your image, your ethos and spread the word about what you do. To get expert advice on just how important your image is contact a Gloucestershire Branding Agency such as Really Helpful Marketing and they will be able to give you expert advice.

It is not complicated

Registering a domain and launching a basic website can take as little as a few days. If you want to invest in something a little more complex, you could still be live and beginning to see the benefits of having your own site within just a few months.

It does not have to cost the earth

You can secure a domain for as little as a few pounds a year. Although web design is likely to be your largest investment, working with an agency with a comprehensive skillset, will always provide solid value for money.

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In addition to securing a professional digital storefront and creating a positive first impression amongst your visitors, the skills and knowledge that you will benefit from by hiring an experienced team specialising in web design and development in London will be invaluable for your business.

You are always open

Constructing a central resource your potential customers can visit to locate important pieces of information, even outside normal business hours, could be the difference between them choosing you and deciding to go to with one of your closest competitors. This could include your location and reviews or testimonials from previous customers.

Measurable metrics and adaptability

Understanding your audience is imperative. Data gathered through the successful integration of a tool such as Google Analytics within your website can provide you with invaluable metrics that you can use to inform your sales strategy and other key decisions as your business grows.

Increase your reach and stay competitive

Your physical premises may be stationary; however, a website will allow you to compete on a national and even a global level. Even if you are newly-established business, a professional website and a smart digital strategy will help you to compete in a busy marketplace and with some of the world’s biggest corporations.



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