Is your business equipped for out-of-hours telecoms?

Is your business equipped for out-of-hours telecoms?

To be competitive in the current market, businesses need to be at the forefront where technology is concerned. VoIP has numerous benefits, but it can also support your out-of-hours needs to keep your business productive and running seamlessly.

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The need for out-of-hours contact

Consumer need is evolving, and expectations are growing higher. The users of services and buyers of products expect they can interface with businesses anywhere, any time. Companies have to be able to respond flexibly and give consumers consistent support.

With ISDN and PTSN are being phased out as BT aims to switch their network off by 2025, businesses will have to find an IP alternative. It’s estimated that those using VoIP will reach 204.8 billion by 2020, and the benefits of such digital technology, including its use for out-of-hours support, makes it a popular choice for successful businesses.

How VoIP makes it possible

With VoIP systems, the staff is able to work more flexible, allowing them to access the system and work from any location at any time.

Enabling out-of-hours telecoms doesn’t need to come with a huge expense, either. VoIP is more cost-effective both in terms of initial set-up and maintenance, and when it comes to local and international call costs. Choose a reliable wholesale VoIP termination provider, like, to ensure you get full support and the best quality communications.

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VoIP systems have a range of versatile features, many of which can help when it comes to out-of-hours communications. You can set up out-of-hours routing for times when the business is closed, whether that’s regular weekends or ad-hoc closures for public holidays. This can allow you to set up greetings to advise customers of your regular opening times, or set up a voice mailbox to take messages; you can give a professional edge to the service with pre-recorded greetings, or add a personal touch with custom audio. Alternatively, there are instant messages or chatbot services to provide support to consumers, or calls can be diverted to groups, mobiles or extensions to allow staff to pick up from another location.

Setting up an out-of-hours schedule is straightforward with VoIP, and the aforementioned options can ensure that the business runs smoothly, customers feel informed and valued, and no important communications are lost.

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