Wholesome Movies to Watch with the Whole Family

Wholesome Movies to Watch with the Whole Family


As a parent, you want to shield your children from bad influences and ensure they stay happy and healthy. In addition to watching TV shows and movies, you should also expose them to wholesome entertainment that teaches valuable lessons. What are some good options?

If you’re looking for wholesome family movies, then you might be surprised at what’s out there. There are plenty of movies for kids, but those who prefer a little adult humor don’t always have to go searching for. Here are five families-friendly films that’ll provide both laughs and lessons.

Wholesome Movies to Watch with the Whole Family

1. The Incredibles 2 (2004)

This sequel is just as enjoyable as its predecessor, if not more so. It follows the same formula: Mr. Incredible leads a superhero team in order to protect his wife and daughters. He faces new challenges when he must help the government find other superheroes who’ve gone rogue. A big part of this movie is how its characters come together to fight evil.

You may remember the villains Mr. Incredible fought in the first film; however, these antagonists appear much less frequently in this one. That doesn’t mean fans won’t enjoy seeing them again though. They still pose quite a threat. Instead, focus on learning important lessons from this entertaining adventure.

2. Home Free (2015)

When her mother suddenly becomes ill, a young girl sets off on an adventurous journey. She leaves home to seek help while her parents wait behind. Along the way, she meets several people who offer their own unique perspectives on life.

These characters help her learn about friendship, loyalty, trust, and compassion. Even if there isn’t any danger along the way, it’s easy to watch this film and see how relationships evolve over time. This makes it a great option for parents who want to prepare their children for adulthood.

3. Toy Story 3 (2010)

If you liked Toy Story 1 or 2, you’ll love this final installment. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back after Andy starts growing up. They team up with two new toys to rescue him from a toy collector named Sid Phillips. Some of the best moments include a race through town that Woody wins thanks to a helpful detour and a confrontation between Buzz and a Tyrannosaurus Rex doll.

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It’s hard to beat the moment where Buzz gets trapped in a room with the T.Rex. The only thing that can save him? Of course, it’s Woody. This friendly dinosaur saves the day by helping Buzz climb into the attic using a box spring. Kids will get excited when they see the scene because they know exactly what’s going to happen next!


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