What types of timber exist for furniture?

What types of timber exist for furniture?


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Wooden bespoke furniture is always a highly popular choice, but what types of wood are available? Your designer will be able to show you a range that will suit different colour preferences, finishes and budgets, from the palest English ash through to dark Indian rosewoods.

Black walnut

For something dark and unusual, try black walnut. There are American, African and European types available and all have a rich, dark hue, a medium textured grain and a noticeable wave. It polishes and stains very well and looks great made into table legs, chests, tables and chairs.


Ash is a springy and tough timber that finishes well and looks great stained. Try it for chests, chairs, tables and wood turning. If you are looking for bespoke commercial desks, reclaimed timber can be a lovely choice. In addition to being beautiful to look at, it will be an eco-friendly and sustainable choice.


Beech is immediately recognizable by its grain flecks. It has an even, smooth texture and a colour that ranges from a pinkish brown through to a very pale cream. It is also dense and heavy and stains well. Try it for kitchen furniture or living room furniture.


This is a lovely orange timber with a fine grain that becomes redder and darker as it is exposed to light, making it a common alternative to mahogany. It is commonly used for fine cabinetry.


Elm is tricky to get hold of, but it is a truly wonderful timber with a range of tints naturally occurring in the grain, pronounced growth rings, and a coarse texture. It is fantastic for bedroom furniture.


The classic British timber, oak is wonderful for character projects where an aged or rustic look is required. It works for all types of project and, with care, it will last forever.


Maple is a beautiful cream colour and one of the palest timbers you can find. It has a very smooth finish that polishes very well and is perfect for doors, chairs and work surfaces.


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