Welcome visitors in these 5 ways

Welcome visitors in these 5 ways

If you’re at the front desk or often tasked with welcoming visitors, you know how challenging this vital role can be in securing positive first impressions. Here are 5 tips to ensure the process goes smoothly and guests leave feeling satisfied.

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1. Know your office geography

You will likely be asked for directions, whether that’s to the restrooms or to the photocopier and coffee machine. Know where everything is and where supplies are kept so you can confidently advise your guests or fulfil any requests.

2. Be hospitable

On any occasion where your guest may have a short wait, be a good host by offering refreshments. Asking if they’d like a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of water will make them feel more at ease and less frustrated at any waiting around they may need to do. If appropriate, company-branded water bottles can make a memorable impression and logo-based products can be great for gift bags for those important clients.

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  1. Stay calm

    It’s likely you’ll find yourself in situations of high stress and frustration from time to time, whether that’s having multiple things to do all at once while phones are ringing and people are waiting to be seen, or having a visitor venting their displeasure at you for being made to wait. Keep cool, stay focused and keep it professional, remaining polite and in control of the situation. Having an efficient visitor management system in place like https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx will help you stay on top of everything from badge printing to fire safety concerns and event messages.

    4. Be flexible

    Think outside the box when it comes to your role beyond greeting visitors. Learn new skills, help out with other projects, take on fresh responsibilities and diversify your workload when the opportunities arise. This will make your day to day more interesting and develop your skill set, while also keeping you in good standing with colleagues and managers.

    5. Ask for support

    While taking on more responsibilities and tasks is typically beneficial, there are times when knowing when to ask for a helping hand is the most responsible thing you can do. If there are too many simultaneous tasks demanding your attention and the quality of your work and the experience of your guests will suffer for it, get some back-up from colleagues.

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