NCAA College Basketball – The Best Tips & Advice For Novice Sports Bettors

NCAA College Basketball – The Best Tips & Advice For Novice Sports Bettors


With the next season of NCAA College Basketball, or NCAAB, set to begin in mid-November, more fans and spectators than ever before are ready and eager to tune in for the action. Each year, the NCAA’s March Madness has been drawing more attention from the sports world, and also from avid sports bettors.

Betting On NCAAB

During the regular season, with potentially over 150 games being played in a single evening, it is easy to see why NCAAB easily outdoes the more famous NBA, which usually only manages around 9-10 games a night. Today, NCAAB has grown to become second only to the beloved Super Bowl in terms of sports betting in the US.

To get some practice in, it is worth starting off with the dozens of weekly match-ups leading up to March Madness.

Picking The Best Sportsbook

Finding a good quality sportsbook is essential to have a good user experience as well as getting the best results from bets.

Before parting with any money, first make sure to check that the sportsbook is registered, has a decent customer base, has prompt and secure payment methods, and has decent customer service. Look for reviews, and compare the odds offered by multiple different sportsbooks to find the best possible deal.

Use The Signup Bonuses

NCAA sign-up bonuses offer a huge advantage to newcomers. Check the online info sites to find the best signup bonuses and promotions on offer.

Popular Betting Types

Like NBA, the sides and totals bets are generally the most popular, though many bettors have also had great success with money line and futures bets. Much success has also come from checking useful sports betting info sites to get the best NCAA picks and other useful stats and guides.

Other popular bets include parlay, teaser, and proposition bets. Live betting has also become a popular choice in recent years.

Wagering On Tournaments

NCAAB tournaments are generally considered the pinnacle of college basketball, and generally amass the large majority of interest when it comes to betting. Examples of the most popular tournaments to bet on include:

  • NCAAB conference tournaments
  • National Invitational Tournament (NIT)
  • com Postseason Tournament (CIT)

Most sportsbooks usually have individual betting markets for NIT and CIT tournaments, though less is generally available for the conference tournaments. This hasn’t stopped bettors from flocking to smaller events though, which, though smaller in winnings, can potentially be just as profitable in the long run.

The Best Betting Strategy For March Madness

Focus on the teams that you are familiar with, as well as find and compare the value in the odds market of each of the best sportsbooks available. The futures bet often proves to have the greatest value due to the rush of money into the betting market, resulting in sportsbooks willing to take more risk.

Other potentially lucrative markets though include the totals and money line, with the halftime line offering extra liquidity.

Continue Researching

Knowledge is definitely the sports bettor’s greatest ally. Keep on researching and gathering every bit of info on NCAAB, teams, players, etc. possible. Every bit helps.

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