NCAA College Basketball – The Best Tips & Advice For Novice Sports Bettors

With the next season of NCAA College Basketball, or NCAAB, set to begin in mid-November, more fans and spectators than ever before are ready and eager to tune in for the action. Each year, the NCAA’s March Madness has been drawing more attention from the sports world, and also from avid sports bettors.

Betting On NCAAB

During the regular season, with potentially over 150 games being played in a single evening, it is easy to see why NCAAB easily outdoes the more famous NBA, which usually only manages around 9-10 games a night. Today, NCAAB has grown to become second only to the beloved Super Bowl in terms of sports betting in the US.

To get some practice in, it is worth starting off with the dozens of weekly match-ups leading up to March Madness.

Picking The Best Sportsbook

Finding a good quality sportsbook is essential to have a good user experience as well as getting the best results from bets.

Before parting with any money, first make sure to check that the sportsbook is registered, has a decent customer base, has prompt and secure payment methods, and has decent customer service. Look for reviews, and compare the odds offered by multiple different sportsbooks to find the best possible deal.

Use The Signup Bonuses

NCAA sign-up bonuses offer a huge advantage to newcomers. Check the online info sites to find the best signup bonuses and promotions on offer.

Popular Betting Types

Like NBA, the sides and totals bets are generally the most popular, though many bettors have also had great success with money line and futures bets. Much success has also come from checking useful sports betting info sites to get the best NCAA picks and other useful stats and guides.

Other popular bets include parlay, teaser, and proposition bets. Live betting has also become a popular choice in recent years.

Wagering On Tournaments

NCAAB tournaments are generally considered the pinnacle of college basketball, and generally amass the large majority of interest when it comes to betting. Examples of the most popular tournaments to bet on include:

  • NCAAB conference tournaments
  • National Invitational Tournament (NIT)
  • com Postseason Tournament (CIT)

Most sportsbooks usually have individual betting markets for NIT and CIT tournaments, though less is generally available for the conference tournaments. This hasn’t stopped bettors from flocking to smaller events though, which, though smaller in winnings, can potentially be just as profitable in the long run.

The Best Betting Strategy For March Madness

Focus on the teams that you are familiar with, as well as find and compare the value in the odds market of each of the best sportsbooks available. The futures bet often proves to have the greatest value due to the rush of money into the betting market, resulting in sportsbooks willing to take more risk.

Other potentially lucrative markets though include the totals and money line, with the halftime line offering extra liquidity.

Continue Researching

Knowledge is definitely the sports bettor’s greatest ally. Keep on researching and gathering every bit of info on NCAAB, teams, players, etc. possible. Every bit helps.

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Why Xbox games are suitable for kids

Why are Xbox games suitable for children? Many parents and guardians worry that their children playing video games might harm them mentally or physically. A recent study found that over half of kids between 8 and 12 years old watch at least 2 hours of gaming per week. This means they spend almost 4 hours every week playing video games.  Nearly 2 million kids between the ages of 6 and 17 play video games daily. Let’s see in the article below why Xbox games are suitable for kids.

Kids can learn to control themselves while playing video games-

Kids who play video games have a better sense of self-control than those who do not. They also tend to be more patient with others and less aggressive when video game players know that the outcome may be determined by their decisions during gameplay. Playing video games teaches your kid to focus on his/her immediate surroundings. By encouraging kids to practice patience, he/she will develop good social skills.

Video games get rid of stress –

Play video games regularly and you’re likely to feel happier and enjoy life more. Research shows that people who report being happy generally have lower blood pressure and heart rate; higher levels of confidence, creativity, cognitive ability (especially memory), empathy, kindness toward others, curiosity, persistence, and motivation. Video games also help kids deal with problems like bullying, anxiety, loneliness, and depression. According to research conducted by Dr. Robert Weiss from Rutgers University, 80% of teens reported using video games as a way to manage stress. You can play & enjoy a few online gaming experiences at bingo Chile.

Gaming gives kids an opportunity to exercise their brains –

The brains of young adults who played video games as children were found to be significantly larger compared to non-gamers. According to Dr. Eric Jensen, a senior scientist at the California Institute of Technology, playing video games stimulates certain parts of the adult brain which are responsible for decision-making and problem-solving. As a result, the player is capable of working out new ideas and strategies to solve complicated issues.

In conclusion, let me tell you one thing. Don’t limit yourself to buying only what you think would suit you the best. Buy whatever suits the child inside you. Also, get to know why aussie online casino games are not suitable for kids.

Why You Are Not Winning Any Online Casino Games 

A lot of people have won millions from online casino gaming. But, if you are reading this, then you may be one of the few who have not been so fortunate. Most people have tried and they have failed in winning much. So, what is going wrong here?  This article is going to be giving you a few tips on where you may be going wrong. 

Not Learning More about the Games

The first thing that we need to address is whether or not you know how to play correctly. If you do not understand certain aspects of the rules and regulations of an online casino game, then it would be very hard for you to win at all. It might seem like common sense but many people think that they “know everything about playing online casino games” and yet there are still people out there that get completely ripped off. These types of players often end up losing their money after investing thousands of dollars into casinos.

Playing Too Early

Another mistake that many people make when they try to gamble online is that they play too early. The problem with this is that some online casinos will allow new members to play for free. This means that they can actually play themselves for a little while before placing any bets. They then wait until they see if they want to continue betting or not. 

Losing Focus in Betting

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you could make is the fact that you don’t concentrate enough when you bet. When you are gambling, you must remember that you are playing against other people just like yourself. As such, it is vitally important that you keep your focus throughout the entire game. By forgetting to pay attention to things, you could find yourself throwing away all of your winnings. There are people who have won millions from online casino games.

Top Must-Play PS5 Games in 2021

The PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly setting the gold standard for console gaming in 2021. With its 4K resolution capabilities, SSD storage, virtually silent system, and crisp audio technology, console reviewers have been hard-pressed to find anything bad to say about Sony’s latest passion project. If you’re curious about which games best showcase the PS5’s remarkable specs, this article will help you flesh out your ‘must-play list for 2021.

1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series has held a special place in the hearts of the gaming community for almost 15 years, combining real-world history with exciting fictional narratives and top-notch gameplay for an unforgettable and immersive experience. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest installment in the beloved franchise and is not to be missed.

It combines the classic stealth, combat, and parkour elements of the original trilogy with a fresh and original storyline. Set primarily in Norway and England, the story follows the exploits of Eivor Varinsdottir, a Norse warrior born during the age of Viking raids on Anglo-Saxon shores. When experienced on the PS5’s cutting edge console tech, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a masterwork of epic proportions.

2. Deathloop

Bethesda brings an exciting new element to the realm of stealth shooters in this thrilling game. Stuck in a time-loop reminiscent of Groundhog Day (albeit with a lot more guns), the game’s protagonist must hunt and eliminate 8 mysterious figures to restore normality to his life.

This unique and incredibly immersive gaming experience makes excellent use of the PS5’s DualSense features to bring the action and suspense to the next level. If you’re a fan of mystery-solving, stealth, first-person shooters, or all three, then Deathloop should next on the list for you. If not, you should check out Rush Casino for lighter entertainment instead.

3. Disco Elysium

This action-heavy RPG redefines the genre with some of the best writing and choice-based mechanics ever to hit the market. Even the most beloved RPGs have historically limited players to no more than a handful of potential pathways; Disco Elysium demonstrates that morality and choice are not always so black and white.

Following the exploits of a has-been police officer sworn to protect and serve the city of Revachol, Disco Elysium is a truly beautiful and action-packed game that provides RPG fans with a never-before-seen level of intricacy in the consequences of their in-game choices.

4. Hades

At first glance, Hades might seem like a waste of a good console with its simple top-down graphics, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Hades perfectly demonstrates that games don’t need fancy graphics or complex animatics to be immersive and fun. It is a dungeon crawler, hack ‘n’ slash RPG adapted from Greek mythology wherein Zagreus, the son of Hades, is attempting to escape from Hell and must conquer countless challenging levels to do so.

The character art, cartoonish animation, and excellent soundtrack draw players in, but the well-balanced challenge/reward mechanics and story development are what keep them coming back for more. There are a variety of weapons, buffs, handicaps, and items to choose from that drastically change the gameplay, making it very difficult to get bored of this triumph of a game.

Reduce your risk of football injuries with these exercises

According to a recent study, the most common football injuries sustained during training, are the hamstring, quadriceps, calf and lumbar disc injuries. However, doing just three things can reduce your likelihood of landing all these injuries.

Image Credit

This is welcome news, as over 80% of players pick up at least one injury per season and this injury will be enough to make them miss at least two games. But these three things are self-explanatory. Players need to ensure, they get enough sleep, get the proper nutrition and engage in mobility drills. They should also wear the appropriate kit such as Nike Football Kits which they can find at places like

But what kind of drills are the best?

Prehab before rehab

Prehab has become somewhat of a buzzword in football and while it does sound a little gimmicky, studies show it really works. Prehabilitation is a form of strength training for the entire body, regardless of the sport being played. It aims to prevent injuries before they occur and can also increase performance on the field.

Hindu press up

One of the most talked about prehab drills is the Hindu press up. With your feet slightly wider apart than your shoulders, you lean forward to create an inverted ‘V’ shape. Now keep your legs straight and bend your arms until your chin hovers above the floor. Then arch your back, which will shift you forward and lead you to look up towards the ceiling. Complete the move by raising your hips again to make the inverted ‘V’ position again.

Taking inspiration from yoga, this flow can be repeated 10 or 20 times and will work muscles from head to toe with very little risk of injury.

Image Credit

Ankle alphabet training

This exercise is all about creating a variety of movements with a goal, i.e. completing the alphabet. To begin, stretch out your legs in front of you, lift one leg off the ground and use your pointed toes to draw the letters of the alphabet. Patience and practice are important here. Aim for accuracy to get the most out of this flow.

However, it’s important to remember, that no exercise is an absolute guarantee against injury but you can make it less likely with drills and prehab work.

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All about the FA’s People’s Cup

You no longer have to be a professional international player to take part in an FA tournament. The FA People’s Cup is a five-a-side competition that gives everyone a chance to get in on the action, regardless of age or ability. Organized by the FA, BBC’s “Get Inspired” campaign and small-pitch football clubs, any non-professional player can join in, whether they’re part of a regular five-a-side team or just individuals who enjoy playing occasionally. This has helped to inspire many people to take up the sport as well as encourage people to take the sport further.

Image Credit

Record numbers

With 16 categories for male and female players ranging from under-14 to veterans, including disability and walking categories, the tournament, which only just completed its third edition in 2017, saw a record number of 45,000 players from 6,000 teams entering. The competition usually kicks off in February, with the semifinals in March and the finals in Birmingham over the May bank holiday weekend.

How to get involved

The competition is free to enter. Go to and register your interest for the next tournament. Each year more and more people enter their teams. You can either enter as a team captain if you already have a team together, or you can enter as an individual and be placed in a team by your local center. You’ll be asked for a team name, so have one ready that suits your team’s identity.

Image Credit

Teams are also expected to provide their own football kits, which include shirts, shorts, socks, shin pads and football boots suitable for astroturf. If you’re an individual player who is joining a wild card team, the organizers will provide a bib for you to wear over your own kit. It’s worth looking at Football Training Kits like to get all the kit and equipment you need.

Teams begin the competition in local heats, which include a group stage and a knockout stage. After that, they move on to the semifinals, which also take on a group stage and knockout stage format. The winners from the semi-final in each category then progress to the national final.

Do you have what it takes to go all the way in the FA People’s Cup? Whether you’re part of a Sunday League five-a-side team or just fancy teaming up with a few like-minded individuals to see how far you can progress, you too could be following the footballing legends as you begin your journey to victory.

Five Great Tips for Field Hockey Goalkeepers

It doesn’t matter which position you play in field hockey, there will always be room for improvement in both your physical game and your mental attitude to the sport. The goalkeeping position might seem the least thrilling, but it can be quite the mental battle. Here we look at five key tips for mental and physical survival in the goal position.

Image Credit

Keep Calm and Keep Your Eye on the Ball

This may seem very obvious. Of course, you need to watch the ball at all times. But watching the ball getting closer or being flicked from way back down the field can cause a keeper to tense up. Stay loose, stay big and occupy that space. The more relaxed you are the more quickly your body will be able to react and stop that goal.

Stay Stable

Try not to wobble around or be tempted to lean back into your net. By keeping the balls of your feet on the ground, your center of gravity is lowered, so you are stabilizing yourself to ensure that when you do have to move, smother or kick the ball, you are in balance and less likely to fall backward. This sounds tricky. The best thing is to watch a hockey drill video to see the stance that the keepers take in between saves and kicks.

Come in for a Safe Landing

While the keeper is well padded, sometimes overly rotating to make the save can cause an awkward landing. You can improve your skills on the field with a hockey drill video. Always make sure that when you smother or dive you land smoothly on your hips and make full use of those guards. Over-rotation can cause knee problems, which can be tricky to fix.

Image Credit

Hands in the Air

You want to fill that net space as much as you can – less space means less chance of a goal. Keep your hands up but stay comfortable – we don’t want a keeper with cramp. Then you can easily reach for those quickly incoming top corner shots.

Take It on the Chin

Not literally! Some goals are going to get past you. That’s par for the course. Yes, some goals might get through, but you can’t let them get you down. You are still an excellent keeper.